2020 March Madness Canceled

The unprecedented times we are in right now is best reflected by millions of people reading a book or like me, watching a 2018 golf tournament instead of watching the late games of Day 3 of March Madness. Of course the health and wellness of this country and the world is more important than any basketball tournament.

But it is hard not to miss what a great first weekend it would have been. Who I really for is teams like Rutgers and Penn State. A combined 28 years since those two programs have been dancing. They were both locks for the the 2020 Big Dance. Those players and fans had a season they should be proud of. Hopefully they can have another great season next year but no one knows what 2020-21 holds. Also the handful of teams that had already punched their ticket for the tourney. They earned their auto bid and now it means nothing.

the seniors is who i feel for the most. They will never have the chance to play in March Madness again. 4 years of hard work and a lot of sweat to get to the biggest goal you can have as a college basketball player. Ripped away from them by a virus that came out of nowhere.

Thank you everyone who read my bracketology the last 3 months. I am excited for my first full season trying to predict the bracket for 2021. I guess we will have to wait 12 months to see if I am any good at this.

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